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Veteran Trader Peter Brandt Identifies Bitcoin’s Down Channel Pattern
US Senator Highlights Bitcoin as Currency Unaffected by Widespread Cyber Outages
2 Foreign Nationals Plead Guilty in Lockbit Ransomware Case
Bitforex to Reopen Withdrawals Months After Team Members’ Detention Rendered Platform Inaccessible
Philippine Central Bank Warns of AI-Driven Crypto Scams — Governor Denies Endorsing Cryptocurrency Projects
Barstool’s Dave Portnoy Accepts Bitcoin From Kraken in Sponsorship Deal
Blockfi to Begin Interim Crypto Distributions via Coinbase This Month
Basel Committee Gives Permissioned Stablecoins ‘Preferential Treatment’ in Amended Crypto Asset Standard Amidst Heavy Criticism
Triple-A: Argentina and Brazil in the Top Ten Of Countries With Most Cryptocurrency Ownership
President Bukele Eliminates Basic Food Products’ Import Duties for a Decade In El Salvador
Indian Crypto Exchange Wazirx Updates on Major Multisig Wallet Hack
Trump Talks Economic Plans and US Crypto Strategy With Bloomberg: ‘China’s Going to Have It—or Somebody Else’
Total Liquidity Pledge to HTX DAO Hits $42.5M After 2nd Round – Bolstering Decentralized Ecosystem
Billionaire Mark Cuban Connects Silicon Valley’s Trump Support to Bitcoin
Tanzania Seeks to Shore up Local Currency With Directive Mandating Tourists to Use Shillings
Argentina Defines Rules for Normalization of Previously Undeclared Assets, Including Cryptocurrency
Craig Wright’s Web Portal Removes False Claims, Site States He is Not Bitcoin’s Founder
Hermetica Introduces Bitcoin-Backed Synthetic Dollar on Bitcoin L1
Market Trends Favor Ethereum as ETF Launch Nears, Finds Bybit and Block Scholes Study
Trump Chooses Crypto Advocate Senator JD Vance as Running Mate
Bitcoin Miner Northern Data AG Announces 20% Capital Increase With a $233M Investment From Tether
Digital Asset Funds Achieve Record $17.8B Inflows in 2024, Reports Coinshares
US Treasury ‘Very Attentive’ to Russia’s Use of Cryptocurrency, Yellen Says
Dormant 2012 Bitcoin Wallet Awakens, Moves a Notable 1,000 BTC Worth $60 Million
Russian Senate Leader Predicts Use of CBDCs in BRICS Payment System
Privacy Coin Monero Tops Payments at European Online Retailer Shopinbit in June
Abra Acquires Valkyrie’s Tron and Zilliqa Trusts
German Government’s Bitcoin Holdings Swell Overnight Thanks to Donations
Bitcoin Miners Have Been ‘Extremely Underpaid’ Since Mid-June
Seven Years of Binance: CEO Richard Teng Shares Insights on Achievements and Future Goals
US Senator Discusses Crypto Policies Under Potential Second Trump Administration
German Government Is Now out of Bitcoin, Arkham Data Shows
Paraguayan Senate Passes Law Imposing up to 10 Years of Jail Time on Crypto Miners for Electricity Theft
CFTC Chair Pushes for Federal Legislation to Regulate Bitcoin and Ether as Commodities
Malaysia Loses Over $700 Million Worth of Electricity to Illegal Crypto Miners, Says Minister
Worldcoin Launches World Chain Developer Preview, Targets Increased Scalability
Greenidge Expands Bitcoin Mining Operations in Mississippi
Bitwise CIO Predicts Bitcoin Surge to $100,000 Despite Current Price Dip
Cryptoquant Report: Bitcoin Whales Buy Aggressively as Price Hits 4-Month Low
Fed Chair Powell Reveals No Contact With Biden in 2 Years Amid Economic Challenges
Blackrock’s BUIDL Fund Reaches $500M Milestone; Tokenized Treasuries Tap $1.8B
Iran Proposes to Link All BRICS Payment Systems
Nigeria’s Finance Minister Urges SEC to Tackle Challenges in Regulating Cryptocurrency
Javascript Is Coming to Tezos X Blockchain
TRON DAO Announces HackaTRON Season 6 Winners and Season 7 Preview
Metaplanet Announces Bitcoin Purchases Totaling Nearly $2.5 Million
Economist Jim Rickards Discusses US Dollar Decline and Potential $27,000 Gold
Latam Insights: Paraguay Raises Bitcoin Mining Power Fees, Bolivia Praises Stablecoins as Dollar Proxy
Germany’s Bitcoin Wallet Dips Below 40,000 BTC After Weekend Transfer
First Digital Debt Offering Fails to Get Traction in El Salvador
Bitcoin Proponent Bruce Fenton Calls Out Jack Dorsey Over Censorship Allegations During Twitter Tenure
NFT Sales Rise 8% Higher Amid Broader Crypto Market Downturn
UBS Executive Highlights AI’s Impact on Banking
Corruption in Paraguay: Senator States Illegal Bitcoin Mining Farms Pay up to $500,000 to Operate Underground
Crypto Theft Surge: Hackers Steal $1.38 Billion in First Half of 2024, Doubling 2023 Figures
Analyst: Mt Gox Repayment Event Will Cause 4x the Selling Pressure for BCH Compared to BTC
7 Events That Could Shift the Crypto Market Landscape in an Instant
RWA Startup Hamilton Tokenizes US Treasury Bills on Bitcoin L2 Solutions
Opentensor Foundation Addresses Bittensor Security Breach