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Analysis of Long-Term ‘Diamond Hand’ Bitcoin Holders Reveals Market Insights: Glassnode 
Former Fed President Discusses Potential for 2 Interest Rate Cuts This Year
Kaiko Research: Latam Crypto Traders Prefer Stablecoins Over Bitcoin
Insider: ‘Vulture Contracts’ Affecting Bitcoin Mining Development in Paraguay
Top 10 TON Chain Coins Reach $20 Billion in Combined Value
Banking Sector Poses Highest Money Laundering Risk, Singapore’s Central Bank Says
Binance Helps Btcturk With Hack Investigations — Freezes Over $5.3M in Stolen Funds
Bitcoin’s Power Law Model Gains Traction Despite Market Fluctuations
Bloomberg Analyst Doubles Down on July 2 Spot Ether ETF Launch Date Amidst Surge in S-1 Filings
Ripple CEO Hails Latest Court Ruling ‘a Big Win’ — Calls His Lawsuit Baseless Troll Attempt
Robert Kennedy Jr Promises to Pardon Ross Ulbricht if Elected President — Says He’s Been in Prison ‘Far Too Long’
Nigeria Rejects Claims Jailed Binance Executive Denied Quality Healthcare
Grayscale Highlights Risks of ETH Staking Restrictions in Latest SEC Disclosure
Foundry Unveils New Hardware Suite Targeting Institutional Bitcoin Mining
Fintech Giant Flutterwave Partners With Nigerian Anti-Graft Body to Launch Cybercrime Center
Digital Scarcity — Billionaire Michael Dell and Michael Saylor Exchange Dialogue on Bitcoin
Holograph Begins Process to Remove 1 Billion Illegally Minted Tokens, Burns 53 Million HLG
Vitalik Buterin Responds to Criticism on the Institutionalization of the Crypto Space: We’re Still Here
Volatile Bitcoin Movement Causes $118M in Crypto Liquidations
Messari Founder Ryan Selkis Accuses Martin Shkreli of Working Covertly to Hurt Trump’s Campaign Through DJT
Bank of America: Younger Wealthy Investors Prefer Crypto Over Traditional Investments
Kraken Calls Security Research Firm’s Demands ‘Criminal’; Certik Slams Threats Against Its Employees
Unique Residential Bitcoin Mining House in Dallas Listed for $2.4M
German Law Enforcement Transfers $425M in Bitcoin From Seized Funds
Ripple CEO: Pro-Crypto Stance Will Win Votes in Upcoming Elections
Multiple US States Have Revoked Binance US Crypto Licenses
Coinmetrics Report Explores the Risks of High FDVs in Crypto Markets
Blackrock’s Cohen Discusses Financial Advisors’ Cautious Approach to Spot Bitcoin ETFs
JPMorgan Questions Sustainability of $12 Billion Crypto Inflows
Venezuela Likely to Keep Using Crypto to Bypass New Set of US Sanctions
US-Listed Bitcoin Miners Hit Record Market Cap of $22.8 Billion, JPMorgan Says
US Supreme Court to Hear Nvidia’s Bid to Dismiss Crypto-Related Lawsuit
SEC Chair Gary Gensler Envisions US Spot Ether ETFs Launching This Summer
Former House Speaker Paul Ryan: Stablecoins Can Help Fight an Upcoming US Debt Crisis and China’s Growing Influence
Crypto Sector Secures $317M in Venture Capital Deals in Early June
The State of Crypto Merchant Adoption in 2024
Robert Kiyosaki Frustrated by ‘Lame Excuses’ to Avoid Buying Bitcoin – Foresees Significant Price Rise
IMF Data Shows Decline in US Dollar Dominance
Nigerian Regulator Warns Against Investing in Meme Coin Linked to Davido
CBDC Interest Climbs Steadily Over Five Years, Google Trends Data Shows
Keith Gill Boosts Gamestop Stake, Becomes Fourth Largest Shareholder
Worldcoin to Establish Latam Hub in Argentina Despite Heavy Scrutiny
Utah Senator Seeks to Abolish Federal Reserve
Ryze Labs Weighs In: Fed’s Stance on Interest Rates and Its Impact on Market Dynamics
Paradigm Secures $850 Million for Third Crypto Fund, Targets Early-Stage Projects
Nuffle Labs Raises $13 Million to Expand Modular Infrastructure for Blockchain Layers
Solana Labs Launches Bond, a Blockchain Digital Customer Engagement Platform
World’s Largest Bank ICBC Sees Bitcoin as Digital Gold — Calls Ethereum ‘Digital Oil’
B2Broker’s New Generation Copy Trading Platform Shakes up the Market
Crystal Intelligence Report Reveals $19 Billion Lost in Crypto Crimes Over 13 Years
Bitwala and Curve Announce Partnership for Digital Wallet Integration
Crypto Exchange Lykke Confirms Platform Breach; Reports Theft of Assets Valued at $22 Million
Surge in Digital Asset Investments Following SEC ETF Approvals, Coinshares Reports
Mexican Billionaire Ricardo Salinas Doubles Down on Bitcoin, Advises Using It as Inflation Hedge
Over 200 BTC From 2013 and 2012 Wallets Awaken, Now Valued at Over $14M
Zksync Introduces Community Governance With ZK Nation
Intel Partners With African Development Bank to Train 3 Million in Advanced AI Skills
Trump Campaign Crypto Aide Announces Presidential Roundtable on Domestic Bitcoin Mining
Report: Speculation Returns as Bitcoin Market Shows Signs of Recovery
Standard Chartered Predicts Bitcoin to Hit $100K Pre-Election, $150K if Trump Wins