Family of train victim rejects claims of mental illness




Family of train victim rejects claims of mental illness

The family of the late Maryam Shoaib, who fell victim to fatal torture on a train, vehemently refuted claims by railway police that she was mentally ill, asserting her as a knowledgeable, intelligent, educated and cultured individual. Speaking exclusively to The Express Tribune, Maryam's father shared poignant memories of his daughter, describing her as a bright soul eager to spend Eid with him in Karachi. He fondly recalled their plans for fasting and celebrating Eid together, emphasizing Maryam's intellect and education, which surpassed that of her siblings. Maryam's mother echoed similar sentiments, praising her daughter's friendly demeanour, manners, and sharp intellect. Muhammad Afzal, her brother, fondly remembered Maryam as the beloved youngest sibling among ten, born and raised in Karachi. She was en route to her village with her young nephew and niece to celebrate Eid when the tragedy occurred. Her sisters, residing in Karachi's same neighbourhood, adamantly rejected assertions of Maryam's mental instability by railway authorities, labelling them as baseless. They criticised the authorities for tarnishing Maryam's character instead of probing the brutality she endured. Despite widespread outrage sparked by footage showing a police constable's violent actions towards Maryam, they expressed dismay over the lack of government intervention. Maryam's untimely demise has prompted her family to question the efficacy of government institutions. They extended gratitude to the Express News team for amplifying their plight and urged higher authorities to ensure severe punishment for those responsible for Maryam's death while demanding justice. Published in The Express Tribune, April 17th, 2024.

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